I studied this list for the first time in 2007. It was taught to me by LaMar Boschman in ISOM.

I was so deeply impacted by LaMar's teachings on worship that I decided to re-present them to our church last year! The following are some of my notes.

In this post, I'd like to answer some frequently asked questions about worship!

What is worship? What does real worship look like? Also, what does it not look like?

What Worship Is

1. Worship is giving to God.

We gather for worship not just to receive, but primarily to give.

True worshipers are extravagant givers. Generosity accompanies real worship!

We benefit from worship, but we are not be the primary beneficiaries. Worship is for God, not for man!

2. Worship is proclaiming who God is.

As we declare and sing His attributes with a worshiping attitude, we glorify God before men and angels.

3. Worship is an attitude of the heart.

Worship is an attitude that is expressed in adoration, praise, and thanksgiving.

Just because we have our hands in the air does not mean that we are worshiping. Worship begins in the heart, with actions following. Our heart attitude towards God is the genesis of true worship.

4. Worship is love expressed.

Worship is a love response, because of a relationship that we have with God.

Worship is actions, driven by love. It’s love that give the actions their meaning.


5. Worship is telling and acting out the work of Christ.

6. Worship is both a subjective feeling and an objective activity.

When we truly worship, we don’t keep our feelings trapped inside. If it’s meaningful to us, we should express it.

Worship is never inexpressive. Worship is never a formula.

7. Worship is a meeting between God and His people.

Worship is an interactive encounter between God and His people.

8. Worship is the result of creation.

Because we were created, we should worship our maker.

Everyone has the ability to worship. Every civilization has worshiped someone or something. This drive to worship was placed in us by God.

While we all have this drive, we must render worship to God only!

9. Our worship to Him is for Him alone.

It is not a benefit for the unsaved. It is simply the essential expression of service that we render to God based upon His Person and not His performance.

10. Worship is a lifestyle.

Worship is more than a song. We worship because we are worshipers. This is part of our identity.

11. Worship is the result of rebirth.

Because we are now temples of the Holy Spirit, worship regularly occurs, no matter where we are.

What Worship Is Not

1. Worship is not music alone.

Music itself is not worship. And just because someone is a talented musically does not mean that they possess worship skills. It’s all about the attitude!

2. Worship is not mechanical.

Worship is not a formula! It’s love expressed to God.


3. Worship is not limited to certain tempos and keys of music.

Once again, the heart is what determines if a song is worship, not just the style of the music.

4. Worship is not praise.

There is a sacrifice of praise, but not a sacrifice of worship in the Bible.

Worship is based on love, while praise is based on an act of obeying God. We don’t love by faith. We either love or we don’t. Worship, above all, is an act of loving intimacy!

Thanksgiving and praise alike are often based on what God has done, but worship is always based on who God is.

5. Worship is not done for you by others.

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Pastors and worship leaders cannot worship for you. No one can take your place before God in worship.

There are no such thing as surrogate worshipers.

6. Worship is personal and individual.

Worship hinges upon our personal attitude.

Worship is something that everyone should get involved in. Although, no one can force you to worship. You must choose to worship.

Real worship can never be manipulated. Just because someone tells you to worship does not make it worship.

We can only lead others by example. As others watch us worship, they will worship as well. They will see that God is impacting our lives and will desire to have an experience with Him also.

We should never be intimidated by other people. We should worship and allow others to hear if need be. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you were created to do!

Always remember, God reigns where we worship!

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