I studied this list for the first time in 2007. It was taught to me by LaMar Boschman in ISOM.

I was so deeply impacted by LaMar's teachings on worship that I decided to re-present them to our church last year! The following are some of my notes.

Why do we worship?

We do not worship simply out of tradition!

1. We worship God because of who He is.

God is Creator and He is worthy of our worship! We worship Him because of His transcendence, uniqueness, and holiness.

2. We worship God because of what He has done for us.

He created us, therefore we worship Him.

We also worship God because He saved us. He sent Jesus to die on our behalf, so that we might be free from sin.

3. We worship God because He commands us to.

Jesus teaches us in John 4 that the Father is seeking true worshipers. And true worshipers are those that worship God in both spirit and truth.


4. We worship God to bless and honor Him.

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Worship is not primarily for us. We certainly benefit from it, but worship is first and foremost a selfless act of love towards God.

We do not worship just because we enjoy the emotion or sensation of doing so. Worship makes us feel good, but that is not to be our primary motivation for worshiping God. We worship God because He desires us to and it pleases Him.

We are beneficiaries of worship, but should not be the primary one. Our motivation to worship should be greater than that. True worship is never self serving or self centered.

5. We worship God because we love Him.

When God means much to us, we will worship Him. Adoration, exaltation, and appreciation will be impossible to hide as we fall deeper in love with God.

6. We worship God because of what He is doing on the earth.

Because of what Jesus has done through His death, resurrection, and soon coming, we worship Him.

7. We worship God so that we might draw near to Him.

We find God’s presence as we worship Him with music.

In Psalm 100, we are taught to come into God’s presence with songs of joy and to enter His gates with rejoicing.

God becomes enthroned on our praises. In Psalm 22, the Bible says that God is holy and that He sits enthroned upon the praises of Israel.

God literally sits on His praise! Our praise for Him becomes the throne He rests upon.

When we praise, God comes. And when God comes into any atmosphere, it changes as He takes dominion.

God is worthy to be worshiped!

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